I Havent Even Met You Yet.

Here we are. We “met” online a couple weeks ago. Terrible timing. A couple days before a hospitalization due to a blood clot. Seemed like we got along great. I figured- I wasn’t going to meet him straight away so recovery time at home would be a good chance to get to know each other via online, phone, etc.
He seemed sweet. Dropped off a card and flowers at the nurse’s station for me when I was there. But then it began. Since I didn’t know him I couldn’t comprehend the context of his text messages any longer. He deleted his online profile while I kept mine. He said “I should probably ask you if you have any other dates lined up?” I replied with “No, I can’t even leave the house yet. But even if I was actively dating, I wouldn’t have asked that question until we met or at least hit it off.” I mean really- he can’t claim me.
He seems so cut and dry. I’m not a drinker, but I used to smoke and sometimes do if I feel anxious at a bar. A “social smoker” once a month if you will. He “drinks socially” according to his profile. I’m scared of dating someone that drinks due to a bad curse of dating closet addicts that were abusive in all ways possible. Anyways, he said to me no longer smoking, “Good. That would’ve been a deal breaker right there.” And I said “Well I don’t like drinkers but I’m not judging you…” He didn’t really say much to that.
Then I started being “that girl”- maybe it was because I felt like he was acting like a past boyfriend in terms of “my way or the highway”- why hasn’t he called? he had contacted me so much! Am I guilty for still talking to other guys online? I don’t get his sarcasm…or is he being serious?
The calls. They drive me nuts. If I don’t answer when he calls he thinks I’m uninterested- so likely vice versa. It’s always around his schedule. He calls when he’s not busy. I call- and if he is busy- I text to let him know I called and he said “I know I’m with my buddy ill be free at (time)”. But then he doesn’t call. Was I supposed to call him? Was he supposed to return my call?
The texts are stupid. Meaningless conversation. I have better times talking to my cats. All he says is “what’s up?” Or “what are you doing”. He still wants to meet but we aren’t getting to know each other at all. Or maybe this is all about him, and he simply doesn’t give a damn about getting to know me.
I haven’t met him- so why do I care or feel the need to try? I think I’ll keep looking…even if he doesn’t like it.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. TheCrazyBagLady
    Aug 31, 2013 @ 10:49:20

    good luck with the dating!


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