Well- All that worrying about getting a 2nd date with Mr. Hollywood was a waste of energy. Simply because we had one! YAY! He informed me he was going to fly back to Philadelphia yesterday morning and pick me up for a weekend at the Four Seasons. I was surprised, because the new show they’re filming began this week so we barely got to speak on the phone. We still texted though. To be brutally honest, I was not sure if I would ever hear from him again. But I’m so glad he did. Unfortunately, he had to catch an early afternoon flight today- so we didn’t really have the day together today as well- but one day with him was something absolutely amazing.

Enchanting is the only way to describe it- and him for that matter. For one day and night, I felt like Cinderella.


He picked me up, and realized he didn’t have a shirt for dinner. So he wanted to go shopping…at Barney’s of all places. Picked out a thin shirt that was nice and then paid over $200 for it like it was nothing. (Me on the other hand, just had online shopped earlier for the $10 cardigans at Old Navy). The guy has expensive taste. Should’ve known that by the way he sent a MacBook Pro to me prior to us even meeting. Anyways, then we check into the hotel. He couldn’t have picked a pricer one in the city.  We had arrived for our weekend getaway to get to know each other at The Four Seasons. Oh man. It was beautiful, and amazing. I mean even their toiletries you take as souvenirs were top of the line. 

Now keep in mind, I’m very down to earth- as is he. There was nothing snobby about this situation at all, I just found it absurd considering I live less than half an hour away from the city. But from what I gathered about this guy- is that he’s so busy and used to working constantly he has absolutely no one else in his life besides a revolving door of co-workers in Television. I can also tell he’s freaking out about turning 40, and I guess being 26 doesn’t exactly make him feel younger, or does it? Anyways. Back to the date and not psycho-analyzing his life-

So I was hungry for lunch- figured we could walk to a cafe or something. No. He has an app on his phone programmed to only 4 and 5 star restaurants that deliver. We were getting sushi. All I wanted was the Sweet Potato Roll and Miso Soup, it really didn’t have to be 5 star. Well he insisted. (OH and would not let me put any money towards this excursion what so ever). The food was delicious and we pretty much stayed the whole day in center city getting to know each other. There’s something so genuine about him. Honestly, I’ve never dated anyone with money like this so all of that is foreign to me but take it out of the equation and now after spending two weekends with him I’d be completely into him if he lived in a brown box. It’s hard to find someone as kind and positive as him these days, and I’m petrified to lose it.

Dinner was delicious. We ate at the Four Seasons. Such an amazing restaurant, I had pan seared guinea hen with some sort of amazing corn and gnocchi. Up until meeting him I had never eaten guinea hen or quail. I liked the guinea hen better actually. Dessert was elegant. It was all elegant. Nothing in the conversation was awkward at all and we really hit it off. And of course I made this into a “stay-cation” for me and actually turned OFF my phone for once. It was really, really nice. And I need to do it more often. After going thru all of these medical problems and hectic performance schedule this summer it was exactly what I needed as I approach another week of doctor appointments.

Well not much else to tell about the date, except now comes the worry about date #3. I feel more confident that it will happen- just a matter of not knowing when. He’s shooting this show until Oct. 8th and then he has 5 free days before going from Charleston to direct another show in Atlanta. I don’t expect him to spend 5 days with me, I mean that could be a disaster before really knowing someone. And he doesn’t even know where he wants to spend these 5 days. He has his own place in LA but hates LA and only really goes there for his business meetings. He mentioned maybe getting a hotel in NYC, or going to Hawaii- who knows. But I’m mentally preparing myself that date #3 may not happen for a while. I mean I didn’t expect date #2 to happen the week after. 

But it’s all so confusing. You have me who is way to quick to commit and a guy that I can already tell you has a fear of it. So this gray area- am I single? Am I not single? I don’t really get it. Not that I want to date anyone else but what if 3 weeks goes by and he still doesn’t make plans to see me again? Thus, why I’m “KonfusedKat” and absolutely a worrier.

And in the words of Taylor Swift “It was enchanting to meet you…Please don’t fall in love with someone else….Please don’t have somebody waiting on you”

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