My Best Friend Kissed Me…My Other Friends Aren’t Happy.

Incase anyone was wondering whatever happened to Mr. Hollywood- I never heard a PEEP from him. And by this point I KNOW he’s done filming in Charleston and on what was supposed to be “our vacation” haha OH WELL…

Onto the next-

I’ve been best friends with the most amazing man for about six years. I used to work for him when I had just gotten out of college. He’s a pharmacist.  He has had the worst luck with girlfriends, and I have had the worst luck with boyfriends. I’m 26 and he’s 40…hmmm seems like the past 3 guys have been 40+ just how it happened. Anyways, we always have done these fun things together. Broadway shows and weekends in NYC, concerts for his favorite artists that no one else would go to, and he would come to my favorite concerts that none of my friends wanted to go to. Same with movies, 5 star restaurants no one would want to try, he’s a world traveler and always found something funny to bring back as a souvenir. He always visited me in the hospital and vice versa. I mean he has always treated me well.

Well he was in a very abusive relationship right before I was in one, and I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t talk to me until I was with someone that controlling. Then the same thing happened. So we pretty much did it to each other. But before I got into mine, him and I were in AC for dinner and a concert, and his ex decided to ruin his night because she knew he was with me. And I was sitting there thinking “This guy and I practically date already except there’s nothing physical going on- everyone THINKS we are together, he does NOT to deserve to be treated like this…I think I’m gonna kiss him…” But he was so upset over the other girl. I even sent him a text that night thanking him for everything and I was feeling “ballsy” and I even wrote “I would have kissed you- except I didn’t want to confuse you more.” He never acknowledged the text.

Well fast forward a year and a half later, he visited me in the hospital last month and we started talking more. He gave me advice about Mr. Hollywood and since I was feeling crappy he took me out to a nice restaurant. Only if you knew me you would get this but when he was recently in Florida he picked up a Christmas ornament that’s a giant “Cheetah Print Christmas Ball with Feathers” haha. We had a great time, he’s trying to get healthier as am I, and we are both doing the same dieting app. I didn’t think anything of it but he started saying reasons as to why we are great together because we have so much in common and we see the good in everybody and always get hurt and why not be together- and that he would’ve been with me back in AC but his head wasn’t in the right place- and I didn’t really think he was serious.

He asked me to lunch two days later at this really yummy vegetarian restaurant. Afterwards we went to Starbucks and sat there for hours talking about everything! He supports my music career and says “From day one you have never doubted yourself and there has never been another option for you except to be a performer.”

So we had to head back to my parents house because I had rehearsal, and we get out of the car and he just WENT FOR IT. I was  completely shocked. I was confused. I was like is this really happening?! I kind of stopped it because I was SO nervous, I started giggling, and I guess I didn’t really think it would ever happen. We always joked about being together- about this engagement ring I’ve always wanted from Tiffany & Co which is absolutely ridiculous- stupid stuff how his turtle loves my cat, but my Dad absolutely LOVES him and always wanted us to date. Italian guy, nice, older but not OLD, steady job, caring, own house, cooks- he’s awesome! Neither of us ever wanted to ruin our friendship, and still don’t. I’m really nervous! I think he’s ready and I’m scared. Being scared is normal right and I was completely caught off guard! Well I’m not sure if it will work or be weird for us but it’s worth a shot. I think I’m scared because I know he’s going to move really fast. All of these thoughts are running through my mind, especially right after we kissed…so I go inside thinking “I need to call my girls before the band gets here” But no- my dad sees him and is like “Stay for dinner! I insist!” Oh my. So we all have dinner, and then I make it thru rehearsal- and then text two of my best friends.

WELL. I support EVERYTHING they do and get excited for them EVERY TIME they are excited. And they both said “I’m sure he will treat you like a princess…BUT” Oh here we go. I’m over it! Why can’t THEY ever be happy for ME? Why do I always stand by WHATEVER they do and I get JUDGED for every MOVE!? I’m so done. The one friend wants me to date someone my own age and doesn’t think I’ll be happy in the end. Meanwhile, she’s dating a hot-tempered ex junkie that refuses to meet her friends and she’s complete changed since they’ve been together. The other friend is dating someone she got very serious with very fast who she had a one night stand with- but doesn’t think I should date him simply because. And my OTHER friend I haven’t even told yet whose guy isn’t even good for her but is going to tell me I need to be ALONE. Do I judge? NO! I never have. And I’m thinking okay now with this guy- are they jealous? Are they always finding a way to control MY life because they aren’t happy with their own? I think it’s exciting! And my parents even said they’re jealous and why does it matter what they think?

I’m just so over it. I’m so over supporting everyone else’s decisions even if I don’t agree with them. That’s what FRIENDS do. Why can’t they get excited for ME once in a while? Anyways- I hope things with me and this guy do work out. He knows me better than anyone else at this point and I hope there’s a physical connection…

Please comment if you’ve experienced either dating a best guy friend and/or your friends never being happy for you!

Thanks 🙂

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