Dad works. Mom cooks and cleans. I observe.

I’m not sure if this balances out in every situation. It all seems so routine and is getting old. I never really picked up on it as a child. But now, as a mid-twenties something “woman” who has had to temporarily live back at home…I’m noticing it. It’s not the jolly “Honey I’m home!” “Okay I made you your favorite!” “Oh thanks honey I’ll do the dishes.” No. Not like that at all.

     I’m here for a short while due to a medical reason. My mother, who has taken care of me all my life has to now wait on me hand and foot making me feel incredibly filled with guilt no matter how many times I thank her. I can see it exhausting her. She left me with Dad for two hours and he was clueless. He’s a hard worker I will give you that. He does not stop. But I think the women of the house just want a little more quality time with him when he is home.

     We all have troubles of our own, but I got the idea for this blog as I was hopping on my crutches over to the dinner table. Mom spent a good while making a nice Italian meal, while there was limited to no conversation at all. Not to mention she didn’t even get one “thank you” from Dad or now realizing, myself. It’s not right. Or is it he feels he brings home the money so it’s her duty? Or is it all just…routine?

     I think we all need to pay a little more attention to what our role is in the family, and definitely more appreciation. Even if it’s a daily thing that has become mundane- life is short. So make your family dinners count.